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Santa Barbara, Ca.

*As Head Slacker of Mr. Surf Junk , the inspiration behind the museum came to me after a life threatening illness.  Facing my mortality head on, I realized the importance of sharing my collection with fellow surfers.  Mr. Surf Junk is the first of its kind, a virtual surfing museum launched in 2009.  No admission fee, no tickets needed, and no lines.  We aim to please  Just pure stoke!

*If you're as passionate about surfing as I am, than I hope you enjoy what you've stumbled upon here.  My virtual surfing museum allows anyone to embrace the surfing lifestyle, no matter what part of the world you live.


*I'VE cataloged, photographed & scanned my collection specializing in 60's and 70's surf memorabilia.  It contains several pages touching on many aspects of the sport.  As with any collection, it has a personal story behind it.  Keeping the stoke alive for future generations... 

*Mission, Vision, & Values

*I loved expandingthis museum from my mother's garage to what it is today. I enjoy sharing my passion for surfing with others. If you're serious about the history of surfing, we're serious about sharing it with you. Thanks for dropping by the museum.  We're ready to make you smile and rekindle some of those fond memories from your past.  Let's relive those debauchery days of the 1960's together!  Check back often...

*Guaranteed smiles with every click!  If we don't make you smile, we've simply not accomplished what we set out to do.  So sit back, throw off your flip flops and enjoy the ride...

*My Commitment

*A Surfing Museum


*established 2009